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Neena Mishra

Why Carbon Credit ETFs Soared in 2021

We discuss investing in carbon markets and China tech stocks.

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Neena Mishra

ETF Market Outlook & Picks for 2022

We discuss the market outlook and investing ideas for 2022.

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Daniel Laboe

Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful

Don't let the fear-mongering "40-Year High" headlines scare you out of this market

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John Blank

Cybersecurity, Inflation De-anchoring, COVID's Legacy

3 big risks in 2022 we must all think harder about.

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Neena Mishra

Best ETF Strategies for 2022

We discuss the market outlook and investing strategies for 2022.

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Tracey Ryniec

What Stocks Should be on Your Wish List in 2022?

Zacks Chief Equity Strategist, John Blank, shares his insights with Tracey about what might be coming in 2022 and where stock investors should be looking next year.

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John Blank

A World Tour of Policy Rate Hikes

The Fed is lagging its peers. What gives?

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John Blank

Europe is Churning

How do supply chains work into this too?

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John Blank

How did COVID Reshape Retail and Goods Production?

This is the biggest macro issue today.

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Tracey Ryniec

Tips on Where to Invest as Rates Rise

Think you know what might go on with the Fed and rates next year? Think again.

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Daniel Laboe

Applying A Barbell Investment Strategy To Protect Against Stagflation

An inclination towards this strategy can be seen with the bids for exceptionally safe dividend drivers like utilities, real estate, & consumer staples, combined with a growing penchant for speculative innovation-fueled equities.

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John Blank

Consumer Prices, the Fed, and Tapering

Can we make sense of this trio?

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John Blank

Retail Sales Down. Consumer Sentiment Down. What Gives?

What to expect from the upcoming holiday shopping season?

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John Blank

Did COVID Remote Working Launch Economy Wide Productivity Gains?

More to the point, what should an investor do?

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Kevin Cook

ESG Investing and Global Poverty: How Can We Help?

Climate science suggests that economic conditions for world's poorest countries will implode.

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John Blank

Why Are So Many U.S. Growth and Unemployment Rate Projections Off?

John Maynard Keynes did not address a pandemic.

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John Blank

Can a Wage-Price Spiral Happen in 2022?

The issue concerns economists and traders alike.

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John Blank

When Does the Fed Start to Taper Bond Buying?

Is this rise in Home & Consumer Price Inflation transitory? Or not?

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John Blank

What is Fair Value for the S&P500?

The latest earnings report season muddied the waters on that.

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Daniel Laboe

Stocks To Buy For Inflation

Now it is time to reposition your portfolio for this inflationary period.

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John Blank

The Biden Vision

What does it mean for stocks?

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Kevin Cook

Economic Snapback and Euphoria: 6 Fundamental Charts You Have to See

Big macro goodness may be priced-in, leaving overheated sectors vulnerable to profit-taking gravity.

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Tracey Ryniec

Where Should You Be Investing as the Economy Recovers?

Forget about a US recession in 2021. The concern is about the possibility of overheating and inflation.

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Kevin Cook

Bernie Madoff Investing Lessons: How Rogue Traders Can Immunize Your Wealth

What the rogue does to a billion dollars of OPM, we do to our own accounts sans sound rules, systems, and discipline.

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Tracey Ryniec

Top Earnings Charts to Kick-Off Q1 Earnings Season

These 5 companies will shine a light on what the global economic recovery will look like in 2021.

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